How to Get Rich by Postcard Marketing

We Bought Postcard Designs from Our Competitors… and WHOA

Knowing your competitors is SO important. PostcardMania was actually borne out of a bad competitor experience, and there was obviously a market for it — we reached $49 million last year! Before I started PostcardMania, I had a small graphic design firm offering design services and I brokered printing for my clients. Needing some more… Continue Reading

5 Easy Ways You Can Start Getting More Customers Right Now

Here’s the deal: I can promise you that your company is losing a truck load of money… and you’re not even aware of it. Most business owners spend the vast majority of their attention on making NEW income, and hey—who can disagree? You spend so much time and effort building your business. You put your… Continue Reading

6 Ways To Guarantee Your Postcard NEVER Gets Trashed

Not sure if you know this, but here at PostcardMania we design around 400 postcards each and every week. That’s 400. Yup, my creative team is like the NASA of postcard marketing design. With that kind of weekly volume, it’s clear why we call ourselves the postcard marketing experts.   Over the past 19 years… Continue Reading

How To Contact EVERY New Mover In Your Area With ZERO Effort

NEWSFLASH: You are losing way too much money by NOT reaching the new movers in your area. And unless you are targeting them specifically, you’re losing them to competitors! Surprised?   Look at these statistics: People moving into a new neighborhood spend an average of $9,400 on getting settled into their new home and life,… Continue Reading

One Marketing Element You Should NEVER Forget

I think we’ve all been there: You’re walking out of the grocery store and come face-to-face with several 10-year-old boys wearing the same team uniform and holding beach pails or boxes with slits cut out of the top. You know exactly what they want… Your money! As you’re deciding whether to reach into your pocket… Continue Reading

3 Simple Ways to Create Happy, Lifelong Customers

Imagine this: You’re on an online dating site and you get a message from someone. You check out their profile: Same interests. Same goals. VERY good-looking. Ding ding! So you arrange to go on a date. But… During your date, you immediately notice that there is a huge disparity between this person’s online profile and… Continue Reading

How MyPillow Exploded from 5 Staff to 500 in 40 Days

Have you heard of MyPillow? Most likely the answer is yes. It’s EVERYWHERE! You may have even seen this: Now, I have to tell you: I own several of these pillows, and I LOVE THEM. It really is a fantastic product. But the truth is… A great product alone isn’t enough to build a successful… Continue Reading

Are You Serious About Growing Your Dental Practice? Watch This

I had a great time recently as a guest on Dr. Howard Farran’s Dentistry Uncensored podcast! He’s such a smart guy — and he has a TON of experience and knowledge to share. (Dr. Farran is the founder of Dentaltown, where I occasionally contribute articles!) If you haven’t already… You should really check out the… Continue Reading

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