How to Get Rich by Postcard Marketing

3 Simple Ways to Create Happy, Lifelong Customers

Imagine this: You’re on an online dating site and you get a message from someone. You check out their profile: Same interests. Same goals. VERY good-looking. Ding ding! So you arrange to go on a date. But… During your date, you immediately notice that there is a huge disparity between this person’s online profile and… Continue Reading

How MyPillow Exploded from 5 Staff to 500 in 40 Days

Have you heard of MyPillow? Most likely the answer is yes. It’s EVERYWHERE! You may have even seen this: Now, I have to tell you: I own several of these pillows, and I LOVE THEM. It really is a fantastic product. But the truth is… A great product alone isn’t enough to build a successful… Continue Reading

Are You Serious About Growing Your Dental Practice? Watch This

I had a great time recently as a guest on Dr. Howard Farran’s Dentistry Uncensored podcast! He’s such a smart guy — and he has a TON of experience and knowledge to share. (Dr. Farran is the founder of Dentaltown, where I occasionally contribute articles!) If you haven’t already… You should really check out the… Continue Reading

How to Attract 10, 50 or Even 170 Monthly New Patients [FREE Webinar]

Earlier this month I was a speaker at the Dental Economics Principles of Practice Management Conference in Charlotte, NC. I talked about how dentists can combine their traditional and digital marketing (and why they SHOULD!) to increase their return on investment and bring new patients into their practices — whether they are looking to grow… Continue Reading

4 Ways to Kickstart Your Fourth-Quarter Profits

I know, I know… Why am I talking about the fourth quarter when we’re only just settling into the third? Because while we want to put every quarter in the “win” column, the fourth is especially important. A strong fourth quarter can bring your profits to record highs and create momentum that will carry into… Continue Reading

What I Learned from Spending $60+ Million on Marketing

I spend around $100,000 per week marketing my company. Yep, you read that right. That’s JUST marketing PostcardMania to our clients and prospects — with postcards (180,000 per week), Google pay per click advertising, social media and email and salaries. Obviously… I didn’t spend that much when I first got started. I wasn’t even making… Continue Reading

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