How to Get Rich by Postcard Marketing

Real Estate Investor Marketing: The Definitive Guide (2017 Update)

Your livelihood as a real estate investor — no matter if you are a wholesaler, flipper, or buy-and-hold investor — depends upon finding great deals. Which means you need a consistent supply of motivated-seller leads… And that means marketing. Whether you are new to the investing game or looking for more strategies to incorporate into… Continue Reading

One Easy Fix to Get More from Your Marketing

A client will call in occasionally, concerned that their marketing isn’t producing any leads. The conversation usually starts like this: Business owner: “I don’t think my postcards are working.” My marketing consultant: “I’m sorry to hear that. Are you tracking?” Business owner: “Well, not exactly…” I’m not criticizing — really. I get it. Tracking your… Continue Reading

The Antidote for the Summer Slowdown (You Already Have it!)

Don’t you just love summer? I do! But you know who doesn’t? My business! Summer tends to be our slow season. The “summer slowdown” is real for many businesses — not just mine. But there’s good news: You already have the tools you need to fight the summer slowdown… It’s your customers! Here’s what I’m… Continue Reading

Are You Losing Out on 98% of Your Potential Revenue?

A friend asked me recently: If you could offer just ONE PIECE of marketing advice, what would it be? And I had to think about it for a minute… Because there are really TWO things that every single marketer needs to do. The first one is: Track your results. Otherwise you might as well be… Continue Reading

The ABCs of Marketing Your Tax Prep Services Online [FREE Webinar]

Did you know? 66% of consumers search online for new businesses 75% of those people never scroll past the first page of results 79% of online American consumers are on Facebook That’s why it’s important to supplement your direct mail tax prep marketing with pay per click (PPC) advertising! But for CPAs and business owners,… Continue Reading

I Bet I Know Your Biggest Marketing Fear (Tell Me if I’m Right!)

What’s the most frustrating thing about marketing? Whenever I ask small business owners that question, I almost always get some version of the same answer: Not knowing if a campaign is going to work — or be a waste of money! I totally understand, because I am a (relatively) small business owner, too. Back when… Continue Reading

9 Genius Postcard Design Ideas You Can Steal for Your Next Campaign

Even if you’re not a regular reader of my blog, you probably know what should go on your postcards: Your business name and contact information Your product or service Your call to action You know, the basics. But how can you make your prospect stop on your postcard as they’re sifting through that day’s mail… Continue Reading

5 Things to Know BEFORE You Start Your Next Postcard Campaign

Marketing is just like any other skill: The more you do it, the better you will be at it! And if you pay attention to what works and what doesn’t, over time, you can definitely become an expert. Here at my company when we hire a new staff member they do an orientation where they… Continue Reading

5 Elements to Check Your Website for RIGHT NOW

It’s amazing how much marketing has evolved in the last two decades and even in the last two years! I remember when I first had to get a website made for PostcardMania – I thought “Geez… something else I have to spend time and money on — and as a new business I can barely… Continue Reading

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