How to Get Rich by Postcard Marketing

Marketing for Dental Labs: The Ultimate Guide (2018)

With countless marketing techniques available today, how do you select the right ones to grow your dental lab? We get it: Dental lab advertising can get complicated fast. But here’s the good news: We’ve worked with over 5,503 dental clients over the past 20 years and have run — and tracked — successful dental lab… Continue Reading

Are the Holidays a SLOW time for YOUR BUSINESS?

I don’t know how it happens, but the holidays creep up every year. For small business owners the holidays can be both exciting and overwhelming. With a packed calendar and busy, distracted prospects and customers, how do you also grow your business during the hectic holiday rush? Especially if you aren’t in retail! It isn’t… Continue Reading

Why Direct Mail Isn’t Dead (or even CLOSE…)

I get asked this all the time: Does direct mail still work for small businesses? It’s a fair question. After all, when I started PostcardMania back in 1998, NO ONE was using the internet for business (or anything, really.) With the internet in our back pockets today, you may wonder if direct mail even has… Continue Reading

Why Your Website is a FAT Waste of Money (until you do this)

I’m going to make some assumptions: You want to expand your business, so you know you need to market. It’s harder and harder to get your phone to ring. You’ve spent money on different forms of marketing, like postcards and Google, and you’d really like to see much better results for what you’re spending. Am… Continue Reading

We Bought Postcard Designs from Our Competitors… and WHOA

Knowing your competitors is SO important. PostcardMania was actually borne out of a bad competitor experience, and there was obviously a market for it — we reached $49 million last year! Before I started PostcardMania, I had a small graphic design firm offering design services and I brokered printing for my clients. Needing some more… Continue Reading

5 Easy Ways You Can Start Getting More Customers Right Now

Here’s the deal: I can promise you that your company is losing a truck load of money… and you’re not even aware of it. Most business owners spend the vast majority of their attention on making NEW income, and hey—who can disagree? You spend so much time and effort building your business. You put your… Continue Reading

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